Hydrogen Peroxide 3%


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H₂O₂ Hydrogen Peroxide 3% in distilled water, the safe and essential solution for every home. Hydrogen Peroxide has been widely used as a disinfectant and a super cleanser by everyone. It is one of the most useful things that can be used everywhere around you. But keep it away from deep wounds and acne.

Hydrogen peroxide is a great germ-killer for: Bathtubs, sinks, showers, counters, cutting boards, doorknobs, garbage cans, mirrors. refrigerators, toilets, and toys. Use it to get rid of garbage can germs, deep clean your toilet, kill mold and mildew, remove stains. In your garden to sprout healthy seeds, treat plants with fungal infections. Use it to induce vomiting for poisoned dogs, or clean out the litter box. It can be used to whitens carpet, removes clothing stains, brightens tile grout, makes ceramic cookware gleam, sanitize beauty & nail care tools, and to keep your toothbrush clean.

Keep it in a locked cabinet out of reach of children and pets. Available to you in a 1ltr bottle.



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