A selection of your choice from Hasan Soap now available, choose from any of the following categories:

Classic Shampoo bars
Floral Shampoo bars
Woody Shampoo bars
Herbal Shampoo bars
Body wash soap

Each soap sample weighs approx 50g. You can select 3 or 6 bars, it is a great gift, a perfect way to test out our popular range, a perfect size for your sports bag, guest bathrooms or even for travel.

In your order note/instruction, please write the bars you would like to receive. While we will try our best to meet your request when you send your request from our wide selection, please note that in some situations your request of a specific shampoo or body bar might be not be in stock or not available in small size in some cases, and that it could be swapped from our end.

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3 packs, 6 packs

55 reviews for Soap Selection Pack

  1. Paul N.

    nice, thanks

  2. Aleksandra

    The selection pack is an ideal way to try out a variety of soaps and shampoo bars. They are all so amazing! My hair is gradually getting back into shape.

  3. Madeleine Woodruffe

    What a wonderful selection! I use these on my body also and my skin has never been so nourished! These products are one of a kind! Thank you so much!

  4. Rebecca Faavaoga

    Our best buy! We use no other soaps!! We love using any of Hasan’s products! The smell of the soaps are amazing so delicious I could just eat them! We couldn’t use anything on our baby except these soaps. Amazing for all of our skin and hair and saves us money on buying a separate shampoo and conditioner and body wash. 3 in 1!! I look forward to having showers lol just to use the soaps Haha.. I have curly hair and after washing with the shampoo and conditioner soap but hair is full of body and soft after! You have to try all his soaps! Thanks Hasan so much!! My family tell everyone about your products and thankyou for free shipping! So blessed!!

  5. Lelei Faavaoga

    My brother and sister in law have been using Hasan Aleppo for a few months now after purchasing some soaps from Hasan at Clevedon Markets. I am so happy they recommended Hasan Aleppo soaps, as already after only 1 week of using the Oriental soap, both my skin AND hair feels fresh and smooth after. My face is normally dry and rough but after using the soap it feels smooth to the touch and is much healthier. The natural ingredients used in the soaps is great for the skin and the smell is a BONUS. I love the smell! It lingers in my hair after it is freshly washed and my naturally curly hair is bouncy and moisturised. Thank you Hasan for soaps I will be purchasing more as gifts and will be recommending your products to family and friends. Thank you again and I appreciate your wonderful service Hasan. Many blessings to you and your family.

  6. Dalya Alsafi

  7. Bellina C.

    I got a lot of shampoo bars, I would of liked more soap. My partner likes the shampoo bar I’ve given him 🙂

  8. Anonymous


  9. Ariane T

  10. Cristina Cannon

    I am sharing these with my family&friends to introduce them to a new way of skin/body and haircare.

  11. Rebecca Faavaoga

    My husband and I are super happy we found your products Hasan and met you! Cannot thankyou enough for your amazing soap and body wash/shampoo/ conditioning bars that we cannot live without. The benefits of your products amaze us everytime preventing eczema, any irritation, shows down the grey hairs from growing, keeps my natural henna hair dye in for longer, smells delicious, and always leaves my hair and skin feeling so soft. I shout your fame wherever I go and to all i know lol. Thankyou! Bless you! Rebecca

  12. Jenine C.

    Fantastic service again! I love being able to try out different soaps in this pack. Beautifully fragranced and packaged. I am using the frangipani shampoo bar from the pack. I love the fragrance and my hair feels great. Thanks again Hassan Aleppo Soap!

  13. Anonymous


  14. Trish

    Loved my purchase. Absolutely beautiful soaps.

  15. Amokura

    Thank you Hassan for your very prompt service. We love your soap. I bought the 6 piece set and love all the types. So I will be ordering my favourites soon. It’s just very hard to pick favourites!! Soap from Syria is wonderful and this is the closest we can get here in Aotearoa. Good luck and best wishes.

  16. Sandra

    Good value and good mix

  17. Donna J.

    Love, Love, Love – My skin feels amazing, the the fragrance.

  18. Rebecca Faavaoga

    We love your soap! We can’t use anything else and we don’t want too! Your soaps are the best for our baby and our skin. Thankyou for creating such a wonderful product!

  19. Grace Harris

    Love your shampoo soaps and cost, wouldn’t use anything else now. Giving some to friends for Christmas to share how good they are.

  20. Anonymous

    Soaps are value for money as it seems to last long. Great service. Compared to market soap these are gentler. If you are trying to avoid extra additives and chemicals then do buy.

  21. Anonymous

    Such a good selection pack. Love the soaps!! Great value. Our favorite.

  22. Dorian

    I received decent sized pieces of soap and shampoo, not the small sample sizes I was expecting! This is a great way to discover different fragrances without committing to a full sized bar.

  23. Roland M.

    Very good service and I love the soaps, will place order very soon.

  24. Raewyn H.

    Lovely supply of soaps, packaged and delivered in record time! Will order again, they make a great gift.

  25. Anonymous

    Overjoyed not to keep filling my rubbish bag with plastics each week as this natural body soap and hair wash conditioner that I selected came wrapped in paper and the blocks last wash after wash. No nasty chemical additives – love this product. And it’s made here in NZ using amazing Aleppo heritage. Thank you!

  26. Anonymous

    Love it. Our favorite. Getting different soaps.

  27. Anonymous

    Prefer using soap to shampoo. Keeping a job for a Kiwi

  28. Anonymous

  29. Hannah

    Love these! Smells really good and really moisturising for my hair! 🙂

  30. Julia

    Great selection thanks!

  31. Anonymous

  32. Anonymous

  33. Ema P.

    A great gift idea or way to sample the range – loving these artisan soaps 🙂

  34. Rebecca Faavaoga

    The reason we found this soap was because of my husband spotting Hasans stall at clevedon markets. We were desperate to find a product for our babies skin as we were not willing to put anything unnatural on his skin as he had severe allergies. Hasans soaps changed our lives healing our babies skin and enhancing ours. We are forever grateful to you Hasan for sharing with the world your families secret.

  35. Leonie

  36. Emily

    Thank you for all of the lovely soaps. They smell amazing and are great for my skin

  37. Claire

  38. Sandra Leonard

    Nice selection

  39. Minnah

    The bars were a little smaller than expected, but fine for gifting.

  40. Teresa

    Smell lovely and feel lovely to use.

  41. Rebecca Faavaoga

    This soap never disappoints! 💯👌

  42. Megan

    love your soaps, skin feels great after, great for my skin as it gets very sensitive

  43. Marina

    It’s absolutely amazing range of soaps
    Selection pack will give you taste of the range
    Hard to choose from which to start
    I am very very pleased with products and service
    I started with cardamom soap and very happy with it,
    Very gentle for skin, pleasant to use for face and absolutely amazing for hair
    I am using natural soaps on my hair before and find one that I was happy with
    But Hasan soaps lift it on higher level
    Very smooth, great volume without freeze,and absolutely no itchy feelings on scalp
    I am waiting for washing my hair with very happy feeling
    It’s such a pleasure
    Highly recommend to everyone

  44. Anonymous

    Awesome selection of soaps that have beautifull scents and naturally made to merge well with your hair and skin. Definately gonna try more

  45. Tiksha

    Have started using shampoo bars for the first time and it has brought SO MUCH definition to my hair! I thought my hair was frizzy, sometimes wavy. This soap, with occasional use of extra conditioner and leave in oil, is giving my hair a look it’s never had before. It feels thicker and beach ready. Love the switch to natural ingrediants.

  46. Rebecca

    Can’t live within this soap! Perfect for my boy who has allergies.

  47. Babette Griffiths

    Second time I’ve purchased soaps – love the products, so nourishing for your skin and hair, love these natural products, no more plastic containers in the shower!

  48. Diane V.

    Smells divine

  49. Trish

    Great way to try a different body or hair soap. Always keep spares in cupboard. Excellent.

  50. Alice P.

    Always a pleasure buying form you – these selection packs are great for xmas gifts as I can get several similar types to gift to one person and they can find out which bar they like best! Great for people with allergies – certain soaps make a friend of mine break out in dermatitis. He loves the Aleppo soaps I gift him every year.

  51. Shauneen

    Really pleased with this selection pack. What a wonderful way to sample a selection of products you are curious about. So far, I am very pleased with quality. I am allergic to most soaps on the market, but these ones so far are causing no reactions… which is most wonderful!

  52. Anonymous

    I love all the soaps from this maker. I especially like the Moroccan Soap. The selection pack is a great way to try a bunch of types. Each soap is a descent size that will last a while.

  53. Rebecca Faavaoga

    My favorite! Will always buy this! The best fragrance and amazing for our skin in every way

  54. Cristina Cannon

    Such a wonderful moment when I place an order, for my now very familiar Aleppo Soap Bars .My fist connection with Hasan was several years ago at the Howick Saturday Market where my friend and I had a wonderful experience , learning about the art of hand made soaps , the ancient ways.
    Since then I have been ordering my Face/Body/Shampoo/perfumes and
    charcoal toothpaste from Hasan‘s 🙂
    These products are my travel companions too:) .
    Last year they travelled with me to help my mama Elisabeth 87yrs
    and my sister Ursulina for 8 weeks to Switzerland ,Paris &Chamonix France .
    It was a very difficult time to help look after my mama and sister .How wonderful to be able to use the soap bars for gifts as they are also a great scent provider in your travel bags.
    They last for such a long time and don’t melt at all.
    They are the BEST shampoos as well .
    Plus they don’t come in plastic bottles !!!! For me personally this is a win win experience every single time.
    Thank You Hasan and family for your ancient preserved gift of Aleppo Soaps.

  55. Hannah

    Love the shampoo bar and body soap!! good value for money.

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