Unscented Liquid Castile Soap

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Experience the purity of Hasan Castile Soap, an unscented, handmade soap created in Howick. This natural soap offers a smooth, rich, and creamy lather, known for its cleansing, nourishing, and soothing properties. Crafted with a KOH formula and free from palm oil, it is made entirely from plant-based ingredients, including olive and grapeseed oil.

Free from SLS, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic ingredients, and foaming agents, this soap is a gentle and effective choice for various uses. Its versatility extends beyond personal care; use it as a base for laundry, floor cleaner, hand and body wash, liquid shampoo, and even for washing pets.

Available in 500ml, 2-liter, or 5-liter options, Hasan Castile Soap is not just a cleansing product but a multipurpose solution for a variety of your cleaning needs, offering the benefits of natural ingredients in a convenient and eco-friendly package.

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2 Ltr, 5 Ltr, 500ml

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  2. Irene

    I usually use a castile soap as I am trying to use as less chemicals as possible and as natural products as possible.
    I can say that Hasan’s castile soap ticks all the boxes for such products. It does not have any artificial ingredients and it does a great job. I use it as a hand soap, a dishwashing liquid and a shower soap. If you have any allergy like I am you will like this soap as it is natural as possible. As well as I need to add it is very economical to use. You can dilute it with water and use it in a foam soap dispenser.

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