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Introducing Saba Deodorant Paste – Your Ultimate Natural Odor Solution

Discover the Secret to All-Day Freshness

Are you tired of deodorants that just don’t deliver? Look no further than Saba Deodorant Paste, one of the top-selling natural deodorants in the market. It’s not just another deodorant; it’s your daily confidence booster.

Key Features:

  • 100% Natural: Saba Deodorant Paste is crafted from pure, natural ingredients. It’s non-greasy and won’t leave unsightly stains on your clothes. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to the power of nature.
  • Effective Odor Elimination: This deodorant paste is like magic in a jar. It eliminates the bacteria responsible for odor, keeping you smelling fresh all day long. Whether you’re at work, engaging in outdoor activities, hitting the gym, or enjoying a day at the beach, Saba Deodorant Paste has your back.
  • Unique Formula: Our deodorant paste is formulated with care. It includes nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil, a blend of natural minerals, and essential oils. Plus, it’s enriched with vitamin E for extra skin love.
  • Baking Soda Free: Say goodbye to irritation and discomfort. Saba Deodorant is completely baking soda-free, making it gentle on your skin without compromising on performance.
  • Toxin-Free: We believe in keeping it clean. Our deodorant paste is free from aluminum, parabens, and toxins, so you can feel good about what you’re putting on your skin.
  • Skin Nourishment: Saba Deodorant isn’t just about odor protection; it’s also about skin care. It’s rich in fatty acids, potassium, lecithin, and numerous other nutrients. This means it not only keeps you fresh but also provides your skin with essential moisture and antioxidants.

A Scent for Every Preference: Choose from a selection of different essential oils to suit your personal preference. Saba Deodorant Paste is available in a convenient 60ml jar.

Instructions for Use: Applying Saba Deodorant Paste is easy. Take a fingertip-size amount and gently rub it into your entire underarm area. For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes, and be sure to keep it out of reach of children.

Make the switch to a deodorant that works as hard as you do. Saba Deodorant Paste – where natural freshness meets unmatched performance. Get ready to embrace the confidence of all-day freshness!

Additional information

Essential oil & blends

Lotus, Orange Blossoms, Orchid, Oud, Peach, Peppermint, Rose, Strawberry, Tea Tree, Amber, Frangipani, Gardenia, Jasmine, Lavender, Sandalwood

84 reviews for Saba Deodorant Paste

  1. Benjamin Black


  2. mick.gasson

    Really nice product

  3. Ben

    I like this feels great. But i do need to use a few times a day to be effective. i would prefer a.better way of applying but its really good apart from that. I’m still gonna get it!

  4. Becks Luca

    My daughter came across Hasan Aleppo Soap at the Clevedon Markets. She loved the idea of a plant based soap and so tried the soap bar to start. Wow, wow, wow is all she can say. What an absolutely beautiful product to use and an incredible fragrance that leaves her hair smelling wonderful. She receives many compliments at school when her hair is washed about how amazing her hair smells. Recently she tried the natural deodorant and loves this also. The frangipani has a beautiful fragrance and the idea of using a natural product makes it all the better. Looking forward to more Hasan soaps in the future!

  5. Anonymous

  6. Cristina Cannon

    This is absolutely the very BEST natural deodorant I can highly recommend it :)soothing and gentle for sensitive skin.

  7. Zygana

    I purchased the deodorant, Sandalwood, it is amazing! The scent is so wonderful and the deodorant really works. It lasts all day and I feel confident wearing it no matter the occasion. I will definitely come back for more.

  8. Olivia

    The only deodrant that’s really does the job, excellent product. Thank you!

  9. Michael Gasson

    Great deodorant

  10. Helen B.

    Really love the deodorant cream. Goes on nice, smells lovely and seems to last all day very happy with it. I will be buying more when I run out thanks so much

  11. Trisha

    Smells lovely and works well

  12. Carrie

    I bought this for someone who’s had lymph nodes in their armpit removed, and they love it. They’ve had no reaction to it and enjoy the smell.

  13. L Kendal

    Incredible… Keeps us smelling fresh all day. I love that this is 100% natural with breast cancer stats so high and highly linked to underarm deodorants

  14. Linley

  15. Helen

    Got the Frangipani one this time. I still have the gardenia one as well. Both smell lovely and work well.

  16. L Kendal

    This is the best product ever! No sweating, easy to apply, good for you and smells so fresh…all day!

  17. Madeleine Woodruffe

    The best deodorant I have ever used! It makes my underarms soft and supple, smell delicious and lasts all day!!

  18. David D.

    Highly recommend it, if you haven’t tried it. One of the best deodorants I have ever used.

  19. Rebecca Faavaoga

    LOVE LOVE LOVE these natural deodorants!!! I ordered strawberry and a mango one and I get so many comments how yummy I smell lol
    Hasan you have got there smells down to perfection and I love how it kills any oder. I love fruity smells and using these masks me so happy! Thankyou so much Hasan!

  20. Lisa Kendal

    The best deodrant around. Safe and lasts all day

  21. Lelei Faavaoga

    I absolutely LOVE the natural deodorant PASTE. They smell DEVINE and also last the whole day. I purchased the frangipani and sandalwood deodorants and they both smell equally as DELICIOUS. I have been using this for a week now and can say that the smell definitely lasts the whole day and feels so fresh. I will definitely be purchasing more once I run out and I cannot wait to try the other scents as well. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely products Hasan. Such a blessing.

  22. Monika Benkovic


  23. Linda Young

    Easy to use and effective!

  24. Marlene

    Lovely smell,just received 3 days ago,so far am finding it good.

  25. Hadeel H.

    I have been using HAS. Products for more than a year now, and I really cannot stand a day without their amazing deodorant. I love the soap and it is not harmful on my skin like commercial ones.
    Highly recommended

  26. Dean Tinning

  27. Marie Lee

    I love the natural Deodorant paste. It works Beautifully. Always wonderful products and prompt delivery.

  28. Sozan

    Great product easy to use beautiful smell

  29. Alana

    Amazing service with wonderful products.

  30. Louise Hayne

    I haven’t used this particular one yet but I bought an amber deodorant at Howick market early in the and it was fabulous.

  31. Alla S.

    Best deodorant , keeps you fresh & keeps your skin healthy , highly recommended 👌

  32. Marlene

    Love this deodorant, the smell is awesome.

  33. Anonymous

    amazingly fast delivery thanks so much! loving these deodorants so much that I’ve bought some for my family so I can share the love. cheers

  34. Donna J.

    Loved the fragrance, does the job “Very Very Happy”

  35. Linda

  36. Esme

    I am absolutely in love with it! I have tried aluminum free deodorant from supermarket several times but they never work. But this one LASTS ALL DAY! Amazing product!!

  37. Helen B.

  38. Mevleen

    Amazing product! Smells great, lasts all day. My underarms feel amazing, not sticky or greasy. Love love love! Will definitely get more

  39. Sara A.

    I have tried at least 5 different natural deodorants and I can safely say that this is the only one that actually works on a sweaty person like myself. Works like magic! I always buy two now. Favorite flavor so far is orange but we all have different preference in that I guess.

  40. Dean

  41. Amy

    works great! I didn’t realize it does not have baking soda, however still works well and smells great

  42. Anonymous

    The only deodorant that has worked for me even when sweating alot!

  43. Maikay

    Love this deodorant! Bought a jar for myself and for my husband. He was a bit sceptical with the application, as he was so used to with roll-on. He told me a few days ago that his deodorant was about to finish. When I asked him if he wanted to try another brand where he wouldn’t use his fingers to apply. I was surprised that he said, “No, just get me another jar.” His jar lasted 3 months, my one will probably last 6-8 months (my jar is not even halfway yet).
    Love the scents too! My husband is using Sandalwood and it’s my favourite scent.

  44. Alana

    Best natural deoderant i have found. Ive been looking every where for a good baking soda free one. Thanks guys for a wonderful product.

  45. Leonie

    Found this deodorant pleasant to use with a nice aroma and does not irritate my skin. It also lasts well while playing sports

  46. Tamryn

  47. Anonymous

  48. Giovanni

  49. Lauren Henderson

    Im trialling for the first time the Saba deodorant. Every deodorant I have used has not been great for my skin – I think that is due to the ingredient of bicarb soda but Hassans deodorant doesn’t have this. I have used this for a week now and it is not leaving any rashes etc. Thank you Hassan for creating product that is gentle on your skin.

  50. KELLY

    Best natural deo I have ever used! I have tried many and they just dont work but this is a wonderful product! My sister purchsed some from the Clevedon markets for herself and purchsed me one to send down to Dunedin and I love it!

  51. Anonymous

    Love this deodorant! Keen to try the other scent!

  52. Louise Hayne

    Arrived very quickly. I love this product, smells divine and works very well.

  53. Tony

    It’s been a while since I’m been trying to find a natural antiperspirant that is chemicals free. Although, I used a few different ones, no one compares to this one “Saba” from Hasan. Easy to apply, different fragrance options, non-sticky and last but not least good performance. Right now, my whole family is using it and I can’t recommend this one enough.

  54. Ula F.

    The best of the best.
    My go-to is the peach.
    LOVE how natural & how amazing this deodorant is!
    Definitely worth every cent.

  55. Ben

    awesome stuff

  56. Susan B.

    Amazing product!! Nice to see this has been kindly altered to make application a little easier with a smoother paste. Love it!!

  57. Lisa Kendal

    This is the best deodorant I have ever used. It works better than any other make

  58. Leonie

    Love this deodorant, easy to put on and doesn’t cause any irritation. I’m a sporty person so lasts a while when working out.

  59. Rod McColl

    This a very good product and very easy on the skin.

  60. Benjamin

    Thank you! Always great products.

  61. Anonymous

    Great product and service

  62. Ayano

    Natural and yet the most effective deodorant I have ever used

  63. Waimarie O.

    I have been using this deodorant for over 2 years now. I absolutely love the smell and the texture. It does a great job and is healthy for both me and the planet.

  64. Anonymous

    Worth the price as it lasted me the whole day with a nice fragrance.

  65. Leonie C.

    Very pleased with this product. Nice on my skin and keeps the perspiring away when exercising.

  66. Anonymous

    My second purchase of this deodorant. Once applied lasts for most of the day.

  67. Michael G.

    Whole family loves it

  68. Michelle

    I have tried several natural deodorants nz made and this has definitely impressed me- great product really works

  69. Lisa Kendal

    The best deodorant I’ve ever used. Lasts all day

  70. Liz S.

    Works well. This is my second jar. Both beautifully fragranced, orange and lavender. A little bit gritty otherwise I would give 5 stars.

  71. Ayano M.

    Such a elegant fregrance. Love this. Tried different smell before but this is my new favourite! Keen to try everything else too.

  72. Leonie

    I always buy this deodorant. It has a very pleasant aroma and I find it lasts most of the day before I need to reapply

  73. Janine Renée ico Robert Shiu

    Works beautifully all day!

  74. Louise Hayne

    I love this product. Smells great, and works. I received my order so promptly, as always. Thank you all so much.

  75. Liane P.

    I’m a regular user of this product, plenty of choice in scents, goes on like a dream. Big fan!

  76. Lisa Kendal

    Best deodorant I have ever used!

  77. Ayano M.

    Loving this as usual. I lost the count of how many I have purchased this so far. The best deodorant ever. I got Sandalwood this time. Very nice!!

  78. Nini

    This may not be advised, but I’ve also been using it as a toothpaste since I ran out of the whitener…and it leaves me with an amazing refreshing clean mouth too!

  79. Bev

    I love the Rose Otto Deodorant paste, it is softer than the previous ones I have used and that makes it much easier to apply and I find I don’t use as much too. The scent is beautiful and it lasts for such a long time ,it is not overpowering either just a gentle waft of delicious rose every now and then, I love it.

  80. Louise Hayne

    I love this product. The scent is divine and it works.

  81. Jessica S.

    I have been using this deodorant for over a year and it is by far the best natural deodorant I have tried. It goes on easily, has a lovely fragrance that lasts the entire day for me, does not leave any marks on clothing, and does not cause any irritation like others I have tried. Thanks for another awesome product

  82. Caron Lynn

    I love this deodorant paste. It is so smooth and creamy. The sandalwood fragrance instantly transports me to my childhood and the carved sandalwood figurines that filled our home

  83. Hannah

    I’m very impressed with this deodorant paste, first time user!!
    Highly recommend.

  84. Milly M.

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