Rose Shampoo Bar

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Introducing the Rose Shampoo & Conditioner Bar 2-in-1, a handcrafted, authentic product made with 100% natural, plant-based ingredients to provide a luxurious hair care experience. Skillfully formulated with herbal infused olive oil, castor oil, aloe-vera oil, and a premium blend of Rose essential oil and spearmint oil, this bar is a true testament to natural beauty care.

This shampoo bar is a powerhouse of benefits for your hair. It’s rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals that deeply nourish hair follicles, helping to reduce hair fall and control hair shedding. The anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients soothe the scalp, preventing irritation and alleviating skin conditions. Its unique mixture ensures that your hair receives ample moisture, soothes the scalp, and adds volume, making your hair healthy and strong.

Available in a generous standard size (approximately 200g+), this bar is a convenient addition to your daily routine. As a hand-cut soap bar, please note that the weight may vary slightly. While individual results may vary, as this is not a medicinal product but a natural one, the benefits are significant and varied.

Hasan’s shampoo bars are traditionally made and long-lasting, offering a unique formula that delivers amazing natural benefits. Committed to health and the environment, Hasan’s shampoo bars and soaps are free from preservatives, chemicals, palm oil, EDTA, parabens, triclosan, dioxane, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. Embrace the natural luxury of Hasan’s Rose Shampoo & Conditioner Bar for a transformative and nourishing hair care experience.

2 reviews for Rose Shampoo Bar

  1. Marie

    As always a Superior product

  2. Raewyn H.

    gorgeous soft scent and feels moisturising on my skin

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