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Introducing our Traditional Hard Shaving Soap, aged, and crafted from plant-based, premium ingredients. This soap features softening and conditioning properties, ensuring a smooth and comfortable shaving experience suitable for all skin types.

Enriched with natural vitamins C and E, this shaving soap is formulated with a unique blend of extra virgin olive oil and essential oils. It creates a soothing, moisturizing lather that nurtures your skin as you shave. Presented in a 150g aluminum container, perfect for home use, or in a 250g glass bottle, ideal for camping or traveling, our Traditional Hard Shaving Soap is designed for convenience and ease of use.

This shaving soap is free from chemicals and preservatives, with no SLS or parabens, ensuring a pure and gentle shave. For external use only, and remember to avoid contact with eyes and keep out of reach of children. Please note that a shaving brush is not included with the soap. Experience a classic, skin-friendly shave with our Traditional Hard Shaving Soap.

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150ml, 250ml

4 reviews for Hard Shaving Soap

  1. Andre

    Really like this,its easy to get a nice thick lather, and it lasts well

  2. Paul

    Great shaving soap, lathers really well, just clean the excess foam off and pat dry at the end of each use 🙂

  3. Anonymous

  4. Anonymous

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