HairMate Styling Pomade

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Introducing Hair-Mate™ Styling Pomade, designed for those who seek a residue-free, shine-free hair styling experience. Our pomade is perfect for achieving a matte look while moisturizing your hair and scalp. It controls frizz, smooths edges, and not only gives your hair a thicker appearance but also enhances its texture, making your hair look and feel its best.

Crafted with 100% all-natural, premium ingredients, Hair-Mate™ provides the hold your hair needs while benefiting your scalp with natural ingredients for beautiful, healthy hair. Our unique all-natural wax texture formula is enriched with extracts of argan, jojoba, organic unrefined shea butter, and wheatgerm oil. This blend helps to open clogged pores, nourish the scalp, combat dandruff, fight frizz, and protect hair from damage while providing long-term nourishment from roots to ends.

Hair-Mate™ is versatile enough for all hair types, whether you have thick, short hair or long, wavy locks. It offers a medium to strong hold, enabling you to style your hair exactly as you desire, and washes out easily, allowing for a variety of subtle and trendy hairstyles.

Presented in a 100ml container, our styling pomade is free from alcohol, irritants, parabens, silicones, sulfates, mineral oils, and petroleum, making it a gentle choice for daily use. Please note, this product is for external use only and should be kept out of reach of children. The photos are for illustration purposes only. Style confidently with Hair-Mate™ Styling Pomade, where natural ingredients meet powerful styling.

4 reviews for HairMate Styling Pomade

  1. Bev

    I have very curly hair and want to see those curls soft but still held, this product does just that. It is not crunchy in the hair or sticky and you dont need much either, the only thing missing is a little bit of shine. Great product I highly recommend it.

  2. Hosea

    Finally I have found something which helped me.


  3. Donna

    My partner and I love this stuff! He has very short hair and I have a bob but like a bit of product through it for texture. This stuff works for us both. It’s not greasy and has a definite hold without becoming crunchy or too heavy and being natural there is no nasty artificial hair product smell either. Whilst it says it’s matte it’s not clayish, and I think it gives a really natural gloss to your hair. Some natural hair products are really greasy and hard to use on longer hair, so it’s unusual to find one that isn’t. Please don’t change the recipe. Comes in a large glass jar. Is quite solid on cold mornings, I scrape a bit off with my nail and warm it in my palm / fingers. I’m sure this jar will last well over six months even with both of us using it every day. Great product!

  4. Anonymous

    The hair pomade is really good!

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