EasyMist Diffuser Fragrance Water

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The all-new EasyMist Diffuser Fragrance Water, a new concept for first time ever in New Zealand for your electric or USB Diffuser device. Now all you need to do is adding about 2 caps (30ml) from the EasyMist Fragrance Water to your diffuser and top it up with tap water, switch your diffuser and enjoy the beautiful aroma. No more essential oils to buildup in the water basin.

Regularly, as you use your diffuser and add different oils in, there can be a buildup of oil that can form a film in the water basin. Sometimes, this can cover the sensor that helps the machine operate and diffuse the solution so will want to clean the basin whenever you change oils. Now with EasyMist you will skip all those steps, just add the water and enjoy.

EasyMist Fragrances formulated with premium essential oils to last longer, non-toxic and with no synthetic fragrances. Comes to you in 1 Ltr bottle (recyclable) , select the your preference scent from the drop list, diffuser is sold separately.

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Berry Mad, Calming, Fresh Breath, Immunity, Jasmine+, Lavender Chamomile, Pacific Waves, Rose Harvest, Secret Garden, Uplifting, Woody Mix


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