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Introducing EasyMist Diffuser Fragrance Water, a revolutionary new product in New Zealand designed for your electric or USB diffuser device. This innovative concept simplifies the use of diffusers like never before. Simply add about 2 caps (30ml) of EasyMist Fragrance Water to your diffuser, fill the rest with tap water, turn on your device, and immerse yourself in the delightful aroma. Say goodbye to essential oil buildup in the water basin.

Typically, using different oils in your diffuser can lead to a residue that forms a film in the water basin. This film can sometimes cover the sensor crucial for the diffuser’s operation, necessitating regular cleaning when changing oils. With EasyMist, those extra steps are eliminated, allowing you to add the water and enjoy your fragrant environment hassle-free.

EasyMist Fragrances are crafted from premium essential oils for a lasting scent, ensuring they are non-toxic and free from synthetic fragrances. Available in a 1-liter recyclable bottle, you can choose your preferred scent from our selection. Please note, the diffuser is sold separately. Enjoy a simpler, more enjoyable aromatherapy experience with EasyMist.

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Berry Mad, Calming, Fresh Breath, Immunity, Jasmine+, Lavender Chamomile, Pacific Waves, Rose Harvest, Secret Garden, Uplifting, Woody Mix


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