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Introducing DoSo Zinc & Castor Baby Skin Balm, the ideal all-in-one gentle ointment for your baby’s diverse skin care needs. This balm is effective and non-irritating, providing everyday soothing relief, and is safe for use on the face, body, and diaper area.

Lillove ointment is excellent as a preventative measure against diaper rash. Apply it with each diaper change to protect your baby’s skin from wetness, acidity, and chafing, thus helping to prevent rashes. Beyond the diaper area, it’s a versatile moisturizer – perfect for softening dry hands and cuticles, healing cracked heels, or soothing chapped lips. It’s also effective for treating a range of skin issues from eczema to minor scratches and cuts.

The formula is enriched with natural ingredients, including Zinc, Castor oil, almond oil, and Manuka honey. This combination works effectively to lock in moisture and rejuvenate your baby’s sensitive skin. Free from chemicals, petroleum oils, preservatives, phthalates, parabens, and SLS, it’s a gentle and safe choice for your little one.

DoSo Zinc & Castor Baby Skin Balm is available in 100ml or 300ml recyclable containers, providing a convenient, eco-friendly solution for your baby’s skincare needs.

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