Dehn Al Oud Oil Attar

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Discover the enchanting allure of Arabian Oud Attar, a concentrated oil-based perfume that’s exquisitely crafted for both men and women. Immerse yourself in the luxurious woody fragrance of exotic Agarwood, an olfactory experience you’ll cherish. Designed for longevity, this perfume offers a lasting aroma that gently lingers throughout the day.

Arabian Oud Attar is available in two convenient formats: a 2ml amber orifice reducer for precise application and a 10ml amber roller bottle for easy, smooth application. Both packaging options are designed to preserve the integrity and intensity of the fragrance. Embrace the richness and depth of Arabian Oud Attar, a fragrance that transcends the ordinary.

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10ml, 2ml Sample

3 reviews for Dehn Al Oud Oil Attar

  1. Debbie


  2. Jane

    It’s pretty unique, a unisex remarkable piece. Earthy oud, smokey, and warm. Well blended, stays close to my skin for over 6hrs.

  3. Mona

    Wonderful clean woodsy unisex fragrance. It’s not less to any bestseller Woody in the market but with more oud and spice in the blend hence longer lasting. I absolutely love it.

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