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NEW! Antibacterial Face Mask Sanitiser Spray comes to you with an amazing selections to keep your face masks fresh and fragrant, inspired by our friend in Howick market Sheree Taewa who makes beautiful reusable face masks. The face mask sanitizer spray made with all natural essential oil to refresh and cleans masks for extended comfort (cloth and disposable), it helps to eases tension and enhances mental focusIt.

Wearing a face mask for a long time acquires a strong, unpleasant smell. Spritz our spray onto your face mask to ward off unwanted odors and to make you feel more fresh and calm.

Come to you in 10ml glass spray bottle, choose a spray for your needs form the drop list, or even get one of each and keep them in a cosmetics bag, car, and in your sports bag.  You can pull one out and use it as needed. Our spray is vegan-friendly, safe, reliable and super refreshing, it is paraben-free. It doesn’t have any artificial coloring, synthetic oils, and harmful chemicals.

How to use? Spritz the inside and/or outside of your face mask before wearing, and that’s it!  If you are sensitive to essential oils, you may want to spray the outside of your mask instead of the inside so that the essential oils don’t make contact with your skin. For external use only, keep away from reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes.

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Calming, Cherry, Chocolate, Coconut, Fragrance-Free, Fresh Breath, Immunity, Pack of 4, Pineapple, Rose Harvest, Strawberry, Uplifting

2 reviews for Face Mask Sanitiser Spray

  1. anonymous

    Hasan Aleppo you’ve done it again, given me a reason to buy all the scents and brilliant to buy your pack with all 4 in. They are amazing and on a level all of their own, husband loves the Fresh Breath one, he says it helps him breather easier in his mask. I can’t choose a favourite as they are all beautiful but must say I pick up my masks and instantly think they smell so good. Great way to help with wearing for long periods. I like that I can sanitize and wear within minutes, no more brown paper bags! Also good to know I don’t have to throw my disposables away every time too as I hate what they are doing to the environment. Everyone should have these!

  2. Leigh-Ann M.

    Great service and products. Will start using product on my masks this weekend. Does smell great.

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