Sandalwood shampoo & conditioner bar 2in1 with 100% plant-based ingredients including olive oil, coconut oil, activated charcoal, and sandalwood essential oil. This bar has amazing calming effects and ingredients that help to stimulate hair growth and promote long luscious locks. It will also help to cool down the scalp, remove dandruff, improve oily scalp, moisturize your scalp and skin, and add fragrance to your hair. It also contains anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties and is rich in multivitamins, nutrients, and minerals. This bar is currently available in one Large size only, weight up to 150g+.

Please note: weight may vary because it’s an artisan/hand-cut product, in some cases your order may be combined with more than one bar. The outcome of such natural benefits may vary from one person to another, this is not a medicine, it’s a natural product. Hasan’s bars are traditionally made, long-lasting, and comes to you in a unique formula to offer you amazing natural benefits.

8 reviews for Sandalwood Bar

  1. Sam Gallen

    Love the cedarwood – just divine ! Bars are so long lasting, rich, soapy and smell fab! I’ll be back for more

  2. Cristina Cannon

    Cedarwood is one of my absolute favourite scents:)I love all the soaps as I am usingbthem every day and they last such a lon time so very economical indeed!

  3. Cristina Cannon

    What a beautiful soap with great scent!

  4. Dean Tinning

  5. Sandra

  6. Dhyana M.

    Absolutely love!

  7. Giovanni

  8. Katja Rangsivek

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