Ruby shampoo bar, a shampoo and conditioner 2in1 with 100% natural plant-based ingredients. Ruby has stunning red grapes finishing appearance with an exclusive breathtaking floral and woody aroma (signature blend from Hasan), made from plant-based oils including olive, coconut, avocado, grapeseed with a blend of herbs, grape powder, and essential oils and has many natural properties. It is a great hair and skin supplement.

This combination will help in diminishing all hair-related troubles including prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, restores hair strength and shine, moisturizes hair and scalp, and combats dandruff. For your skin, this bar has many features such as help to fights and reduces wrinkles, reduces acne, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, fades spots and pigmentation, whitening skin, maintains the elasticity of the skin, and restore collagen. 


This product is available in Large size (150g+-) and XL size (200g+-). Please note: The outcome of such natural benefits may vary from one person to another, this is not a medicine, it’s a natural product. Hasan’s bars are traditionally made, long-lasting, and comes to you in a unique formula to offer you amazing natural benefits.  Hasan’s bars are free from EDTA, parabens, triclosan, dioxane or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. 

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7 reviews for Ruby Shampoo Bar

  1. Michael G.

    My wife loves what it does for her hair

  2. Anne N.

    Love this shampoo soap. Gives my fine hair more body, and stops it being oily. Hassan’s service was speedy, and I received a gift as well. Very happy with my purchase and will use again.

  3. Daria K.

    I like the color and the effect on hair. Very soft hair after, no need to condition. And the smell is great.

  4. Katja Rangsivek

    I am not certain if I like the smell yet.

  5. Roland Millet

    Have not tried it yet but it looks and smell like heaven.

  6. Ryan

  7. Yoke Thomas

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