Traditional Moroccan soap is now available online following the high demand from our customers. Handmade, all-natural, plant-based, Moroccan soap goes through long processing to be in a creamy texture. Our formula is free from chemicals and preservatives. Exfoliating, moisturizing, nourishing, and soothes your skin, relieves itching, and contains natural herbal ingredients that help to heal your skin. It is also rich in vitamins and minerals benefits for your skin.

Made from extra virgin olive oil, argan oil, aloe vera oil, black cumin seeds oil, Himalayan salt, Flaxseeds, Chia seeds, and mineral salts. It contains a mix of herbs and a blend of essential oils including rose & jasmine. Our formula is rich in vitamins and minerals benefits to all types of skin. It comes to you in a 250ml glass container.

Origin of Moroccan soap? It was first manufactured in Syria from olive oil and vegetable soda, and then made its way to Morocco. The basic recipe remained the same in both countries. It was improved by adding fragrances of essential oils that are included in the traditional hammam ritual.

Used for? One of the many Moroccan soap properties is that it suits all skin types. It is used for deep cleansing and to purify the body from dirt and dead skin. By nourishing, gently exfoliating and moisturizing the skin, it will become soft and silky with all the beauty and radiance of your youth.

How to use it? Moroccan soap is used in the same way as any regular soap but generates little foam. The soap has to be applied by massaging moist skin evenly during a hot bath, shower, or regular washing, leave the soap on for 5 minutes then rinse with water, or scrub the skin vigorously with the “exfoliating glove” Kessa glove and rinse with water.



9 reviews for Moroccan soap

  1. Mia

    My son struggled with the worst psoriasis and we had used Kawakawa soaps bit found the traditional way of soap making dried his skin put even more! This creamy cleansing soap cleared his skin after one application. There’s nothing like seeing your children’s confidence soar l. Thank you so so much! He is now working in the fashion industry and it’s all to clearing up his skin.

  2. Nicolle W.

    Gorgeous soap, I love using it, keeps my skin richly scented and deeply moisturised. So happy I found it!

  3. Ariane T

  4. Nikita Haynes

  5. Linda


  6. Esme

    Amazing Soap! I am from morocco and this soap smells exactly like home. I am very pleased. I just applied it on my daughter a let it set for a while ; rinsed it and scrapped her with an exfoliating glove and oh dear! the amount of dead skin that came out.

  7. Sara A.

    Pretty good at deep cleansing. This soap does smell strong but works as effectively too.

  8. Louise

    Soap makes skin feel lovely. The small was a bit strong for me.

  9. Elizabeth B.

    Lovely smell and a beautiful creamy product to use on my skin frothing up heaps and leaving me so clean and moisturised. I have never used this before and absolutely love it. Thank you

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