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Keeping pests at your organic garden and vegetable plants can be challenging, maintain the health of your plants by using  the environmentally friendly GreenMate Spray. Ready to use formula, it is naturally effective against aphids, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, cabbage looper caterpillars, squash bugs, whiteflies, ants, beetles, spiders, chiggers, ticks and roaches. The GreenMate spray masks the scent of the plant, which confuses pests, and it acts as an irritant. The formulation is harmless to people, does not hurt bees once the spray has dried and safe for the environment.

Use the spray every 5-7 days routinely as a masking scent. You can spray around the plants and on the soil. If you are using it as a repellent and irritant for very small insects like spider mites, it’s recommend spraying every 3-5 days, making sure you get under the leaves. Use for indoor and outdoor plants, it can be used on all ornamentals, fruits and vegetables.

Comes to you in 375ml spray bottle, 2Ltr and 5Ltr bottles to refill of your spray.

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2 Ltr, 375 ml, 5 Ltr


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