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Introducing Deep Rush, an enchanting Eau de Parfum from the esteemed Ribal Perfume House. Meticulously crafted in Auckland, a fragrance is designed to captivate and inspire. Deep Rush embodies the perfect harmony between freshness and femininity, making it a versatile choice for both daytime and evening wear.

As you first spritz Deep Rush, a vibrant and invigorating sensation awakens your senses. The opening notes set the tone for a refreshing and uplifting fragrance experience. The heart of the perfume unfolds like a tender romance, revealing a delicate floral bouquet that embodies modern femininity. This harmonious blend creates a soft, elegant, and captivating essence.

In its dry-down, Deep Rush reveals its true depth and character. The base notes add an exotic and gentle touch, enhancing the perfume’s complexity and leaving a lasting impression. This exquisite fragrance gracefully captures the essence of femininity, exuding sophistication and a sense of confidence that makes it perfect for the modern woman.

Deep Rush EDP is an ode to the woman who embraces her unique individuality. It captures the essence of femininity and freshness, making it a standout addition to her perfume collection. Allow Deep Rush to become your signature scent, embracing you with its captivating and unforgettable allure.

Deep Rush Eau de Parfum offers a range of sizes to cater to your preferences and needs. For those who want a subtle introduction to this exquisite fragrance, we offer a 2ml sample in an amber orifice reducer. This small size provides a glimpse into the elegance and depth of Deep Rush. If you desire a more convenient option for on-the-go touch-ups, we have a handy 10ml format. Alternatively, for regular use, opt for the more substantial 50ml spray bottle, allowing you to envelop yourself in the captivating scent of Deep Rush with each application. Each size presents a unique way to experience and indulge in the elegance and depth that this exquisite fragrance has to offer.

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10ml, 2ml Sample, 50ml

2 reviews for Deep Rush E.D.P for her

  1. Neda H.

    Very nice smell, you just need to leave it to settle down little bit and you will be surprised 😮

  2. Marina

    It’s absolutely amazing perfume
    Exits my expectations
    Look like it’s very expertly and professionally done
    I love complexity and lasting smell
    And most important it not irritates and not allergic. And it’s very important for me
    Well done!!!

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