All-in-One Classic Aleppo soap is our signature bar. A premium grade and one of the top-selling 2in1 shampoo and conditioner bars in the market. Our bars are made with care and love, with a 100% natural, plant-based and herbal formula. No chemical, no preservatives, no alcohol or irritants, traditionally made from herbal infused extra virgin olive oil and laurel oil.

Our bars have many benefits for healthy clean hair and scalp, but you can use them for just about everything! Just rub the soap over your scalp, work up a lather, rinse and repeat if necessary.

Also, it is the best soap for your skin, so gentle, hydrating, moisturizing, and soothing properties, anti-oxidants, rich in vitamin B1, B2, B6, niacin, folacin, vitamin A for the immune system, vitamin C for skin tissues, vitamin E against toxins, and vitamin F for nutritious fatty acids. This bar will alleviate itching and helps to soothe skin conditions from eczema, psoriasis, rashes, acne, cradle cap, rosacea, and herpes.

It is gentle for sensitive skin- for your baby, make-up remover, or shaving. It is eco-friendly and travel-friendly- just put it into a travel case (available on my website).

These bars are sold in a medium-size 80g+-, large size 150g+-, and XL size 200g+-. Please note: weight & color may vary, it’s an artisan/hand-cut product, in some cases your order might be combined with more than one bar. The outcome of such natural benefits may vary from one person to another, this is not a medicine, it’s a natural product. Hasan’s bars are traditionally made, long-lasting, and comes to you in a unique formula to offer you amazing natural benefits.  All Hasan products are free from EDTA, parabens, triclosan, dioxane, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

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116 reviews for Classic Aleppo Soap

  1. Joseph A.

    This is an excellent product. My wife started using hasanaleppo soap for my two month old daughter to treat cradle cap on her head and has noticeably settled.
    It has a lovely scent and i recommend this to anyone looking for a more natural based cleansing. Will definitely get some more.

    Thank you Hasanalepposoaps.

  2. Paula T.

    Lovely shampoo bar, cleans and makes hair feel lovely

  3. Lata P.

    Lovely lather!

  4. Piavillarama

    I wish I had discovered this soap a few years ago when I suddenly had eczema. I’ve tried several soaps and creams but none have really worked until I tried this. I love the smell and the fact that it’s chemical-free. My skin is so thankful for it and so am I!

  5. Corey Boland

    Great product range and service. I have used these products in an effort to cut down on my environmental costs. It feels great to use something that is all natural, healing and anti-microbial. This is simply the best range I have found. And the value for money is excellent. Thanks HAS !

  6. Katie

  7. Maggie

    The soap was very soothing and didn’t burn or irritate my skin at all. I’m very pleased to say that Hasan soap has cleared up my eczema.

  8. Clive G-C

    57 years of difficulties with a ‘problem’ scalp and now I find a shampoo soap at Clevedon Market that does what the dermatologist etc., could not do. I have a long history of itchy scalp for which the only so-called remedy was expensive pharmaceutical-type shampoos. They fixed the itching, but every time I ran or in some other way caused sweat to run near my eyes the burning told me that they were not good for me. Plus when I traveled I often couldn’t find what I needed and it spoiled many a trip. I must admit that buying a bar of your soap to try out was just that – a try – I didn’t expect it to do so much.
    First of all, I have had to learn to just give it a couple of rubs on the hair – first time I wasn’t ready for how it lathered and I looked like I was covered in shaving cream! The lather was very rich, my hair would give that clean squeak noise as soon as I rinsed, and when I got a little in my eyes – no burning then, or later. I’ve used the bar daily for over a week now; I’m guessing that it will wear at a rate that will compare favourably cost-wise to the better end of supermarket shelf shampoos.
    In truth, I’d happily pay more than that for the other benefits. My original ‘problem’ skin is no longer a daily issue to manage (I’m likely to forget I have a problem), I’ve lost the real concern over the chemical-type products and the inevitable eye-burning ingredients, plus a small soap-box and I can take this stuff when I visit places like Vietnam and it won’t pose any difficulties in travel and will easily last for the length of the trip. I’ll certainly try more of your range.
    If you’re reading this and soaps are giving your skin agro – try a bar and see what happens! 🙂

  9. Dawn W.

    Lovely shampoo bar – nice smell and gets hair clean – but wash out well to avoid slight residue. I bought it to reduce plastic but unfortunately it was sent in a plastic post bag. I recommend buying multiple bars at once to reduce the impact of postage/plastic packaging.

  10. Philippa

    The soap is really special. Very well made and gratefully received by my skin and hair. Feels a lot less abrasive than commercially made soaps or shampoos. The smells are also wonderful.
    The only problem was the size of the product, I ordered two shampoo bars and planned to gift one to my sister. They were both quite different in size/weight. One seemed too small.

    • admin

      Hi Philly, thanks for your feedback. The bars are handcut and the weight may vary little bit, however I will email you and ship you a replacement. Cheers

  11. Joseph Worrall

    Best shampoo you can buy!

  12. Elina

  13. Jnine

    My main driver for moving to shampoo bars was the reduction in plastic bottle use. I tried a ‘department store’ brand for a couple of months and enjoyed it to start with. Then I began researching some other shampoo bar brands. I discovered the reviews on this web site talking about problem itchy scalps cures. I have had this for years and have tried all sorts of shampoos and conditioners to combat it. No success. I read a consumer article on shampoo bars this morning and saw that some brands of shampoo bars also use the lauryl sulphate surfactant in their ingredients. I think these types of ingredients really affect my scalp.

    I have been trying this Hasan shampoo bar for a couple of weeks now and since the change my itchy scalp has disappeared! What a relief. This is the first product that I’ve had this success for this long. My hair felt quite different using this soap to start with (thicker, more heavy), but I am now becoming used to it. I haven’t tried a vinegar rinse. I am so happy with the shampoo bar because I am itch free! The extra bonus is you just wash it once – no shampoo then conditioner. A nice time saving bonus. I love it, thanks so much.

  14. lesley

  15. Debbie

    Love it

  16. Will

  17. Jenine

    Bought as a gift. Very happy with the service and product.

  18. Reay Neben

    This soap is amazing. I have been having chemo and that caused me really dry sore skin. Four months ago I bought this soap and my skin has been so soft and smooth. It has been such a success all members of the family now also use it. No chemicals and a supple smell. Love it and it’s made in NZ

  19. Marvin S

    Been using your soap for a few weeks now. My wife buys it from the Howick Market.

    Within in the first week, my head stopped itching and has been good since. I don’t use any other soaps, shampoos or conditioners, just your soap now. I’ve tried everything including medical solutions over the years. Magnificent product! Thank you!

  20. Renee

    After years of having a very dry scalp and trying a variety of products I have finally found the one that works. The Classic Bar leaves my hair so full of body and no dry scalp. My hair line used to be flaky, sometimes a little red and if I itched my scalp I would get a mist of dry skin on my shoulders. This was embarrassing. A doctor told my it was a type of psoriasis and recommended a shampoo that only partially worked. Thank you hasanalepposoap for a great product and I will be trying more products soon.

  21. Ian Douglas

    Lasts really well.

  22. Rebecca Faavaoga

    Discovered this amazing soap when we visited Clevedon markets. Needed to find a natural plantbased soap for our baby to help with eczema and also a soap we could use. We tried the classic bar first and it made our hair really soft and felt really clean. We also use the soap to wash our face. Lovely scent. We also bought the shampoo/ conditioner bar which has softened my hair greatly and relaxes my curly frizzy hair making it more controlled.
    We also bought the Gardinia deodorant and the fragrance is so delicious i could eat it lol The deoderant works all day with a lasting fragrance. We have bought this as gifts as we just love it! We recommend this to everyone. We love supporting family businesses but also what an amazing inheritance this family have to pass on to many generations to come. Beautiful family and we are honoured to support them in buying their products. Thankyou so much for your generosity even in how you make your products. We are so grateful. Thanks so much!

  23. Anonymous

    relief the itchy skin, my mom loves it

  24. Anonymous

  25. Marie Lee

    Excellent Product and excellent service. Very happy 😊

  26. Jacqueline Avery

    I was delighted to meet you at the Howick Markets . I wanted to give you some feedback after purchasing your beautiful soaps (Clove & Classic). For many years I have suffered contact dermatitis on my hands especially. This forcing me to give up a career in hairdressing 20 years ago.

    The skin on the side of my fingers splits and peels even with just my hands being in water. I have tried numerous products over this time. Many many years off suffering and having split sore skin on my hands. I am however extremely delighted to say after using this all natural soap my hands have healed up completely in one week of using. I cannot believe this after never finding anything that ever made any difference.

    I have found it .!!!! So gentle and kind but moisturizing and most of all healing. I wished I had taken before and after photos as you wouldn’t know I had ever had an issue now. I will be letting people know about this range of natural soaps shampoo conditioners and sunscreen .

    Quite honestly this product is remarkable .
    Thank you so much . My hands have never looked as good 💛🌻

  27. James Cherrie

    I was kindly given a sample pack by Hasan in September 2019. The sample pack has just run out this week, February 2020. It was extremely long lasting soap even though I used it very inefficiently at first.
    As a professional martial artist I was concerned that it might not be strong enough to deal with my day to day grime but was pleasantly surprised by the quality. Great stuff. We are lucky someone takes the time to make such an excellent product. Strongly recommend.

  28. L Kendal

    I cant believe how squeeky clean and soft my hair is…love it!

  29. Natalie

    I absolutely love these products. The shampoo bars are amazing. Such a bonus that they are all natural too. Thanks for converting me guys and for the wonderful customer service 😘

  30. Neda M.

    The soaps I bought in the market were amaaaaaaazing. They smells very nice with all natural ingredients. I highly recommend them

  31. Lacreice Petaera

    We’ve been using our large block for our family of 3 for 5 months and we love it. It lasts forever and so easy to use. My daughter has sensitive skin conditions and this has never upset it. We just wrap the block into a beeswax wrap for travelling with. We will never go back to bottles again.

  32. Dorian Knives

    Wonderfullly scented soap and shampoo, which feels great on the skin. Super fast shipping, too. Highly recommended.

  33. Anonymous

    Top quality

  34. Mohammad I.

    My son has eczema and his condition has improved after using the soap. Thanks

  35. 2sandy.may

    This is the best soap I have ever used. I have to be very careful about what I put on my skin as I have allergy issues. Truly I can’t recommend this products more highly. Even my highly sceptical husband is now massive fan. During these Covid 19 times, he as an “essential” builder at the hospital & carries half a bar in a snap lock bag with him when ever he goes out to work. I have tried 3 products now ~ all absolutely magic. I think I’ll try the try all the gardenia deodorant next. Thank you for bringing ancient knowledge back into our lives Hasan. Looking forward to the time that we can reconnect at Clevedon Market again. Kia Kaha.

  36. Marie Lee

    I absolutely love your products! Very professional and prompt. 😊

  37. Leila

  38. Marie Lee

    I am always extremely happy with my purchases from Hasan Aleppo , Beautiful Products.

  39. Antonia J.

    Always favorite, usually always buying at market, but since the virus outbreak so I try to search online and order it online, the shipping is so fast! My partner already use this soap for almost 6 months now and his skin condition is getting better. He has sensitive skin and face-body-acne problem at his arms, after regularly use this soap can see the change, the redness start to be calmed and no more new acne both in his face and body. This soap is really recommended for people who had skin problem but also sensitive, so gentle on skin.

  40. Jessica Smith

    I’ve only used once but it was easy to use and you get a really good lather and my hair was soft afterwards.

  41. Linda Tucker

    The product is excellent, I have recommended it to a friend who is going to try it

  42. Marlene

    Great shampoo,makes hair very soft and shiny

  43. Peter

    Excellent service and value, with bar size upgraded as a nice bonus. Nicely packaged. Shampoo conditioner! Excellent. And at last an alternative to plastic bottles. Very impressed. Lovely scent and natural feel. Thank you.

  44. Allyson M.

    Using to wash hair. Is amazing. Only need one application.

  45. Sinaa

  46. Linda Neale

  47. Jennifer

    The best shampoo for the whole family, no more itchy scalp

  48. Daryl F.

    Great to use over the whole body and hair to alleviate psoriasis itch

  49. Sandra

    Feels nice and creamy

  50. Marlene

    Find this hair soap great for my hair, leaves it so shiny and so soft.

  51. Daryl F.

    Nice product, soaps up and moisturizes well

  52. Sandy S.

    This is so awesome to use,

  53. Laura

    Suds up really well and feels great, but I have to do a diluted apple cider vinegar rinse otherwise my hair is dry and tangled. With the rinse as well it feels clean but silky

  54. Daria

    Great smooth soap! I like the texture and how it feels on my skin. The smell is very unique and it is pleasant to touch this handmade soap. Great for body and hair, enjoyed it a lot.

  55. Raewyn H.

    I’ve been using this soap for a year or so now. It’s smells great, gentle on skin and hair. Lasts a long time and doesn’t leave soap suds everywhere!

  56. Sandy Shunmoogum

    Fabulous as always

  57. Jeremy Nunis

    Bought this based on a recommendation that it waould help my children’s skin problems. No regrets!

  58. Marie Barclay

    Absolutely Beautiful and helps with the Psoriasis in my hair

  59. Daryl FROST

  60. Anonymous

  61. Daryl F.

    Does the job so well

  62. Daria K.

    My favorite soap so far, I like to apply it on skin, it is very very soft.

  63. Jeremy

    My boys have eczema and this soap has certainly helped!

  64. Jane

    Wonderful product…never going back to traditional shampoo and conditioner again. I have colored hair and very dry but after washing, I can easily run a comb through it and it is softer and softer each day.

  65. Sarah

    Keep up the excellent quality, it is rare to find a good 2in1 bar like this one.

  66. Linda Tucker

    An excellent product

  67. Anonymous

    Great Soap

  68. Malcolm Percy

    Great products and even better service.

  69. Ollie

    As a psoriasis of the scalp victim for the last 12 years I cannot praise Hasan’s shampoo enough. From the 1st wash the fiery hot redness started to disappear. We know there doesn’t seem to be a cure for our complaint but I do not have that hot itchy feeling anymore, redness has gone. Many people have remarked on how shiny and healthy my hair is. Really worth you trying.

    Ollie, Tauranga.

  70. Camry

    I have never used any 2in1 bar like yours, it is pretty amazing.

  71. Ali

    Fortunate me I found your products. Thank you Hasan for adding great value to your new home in New Zealand.

  72. Carey Day

    smaller than I thought

  73. Marie Barclay

    I love the shampoo and Conditioner bars. Fantastic and does help with Psoriasis as well. I would never go past them, Awesome product

  74. Kate Hatcher

    I have been washing my hair and body with natural soap since 2008 as I have eczema skin. I use some authentic Aleppo soaps from Syria, 72% Marseille soaps from France and other natural shampoo bars from New Zealand. I usually found that my hair gets unpleasant fizzy sticky texture. To be honest, authentic Aleppo soaps and Marseille soaps bring the worst results. My hair looks so messy and sticky oily horrible texture. So every time I wash my hair, I rinse with vinegar water to restore the ph balance. But my eczema skin does not like the vinegar irritating pain. When I first saw Hasan at the Howick market two weekends ago, I did not expect much of the hair softness result.

    However, I was totally wrong. I have been using this fantastic all-in-one shampoo bar for 10 days and my hair has been always shiny and soft without vinegar rinse. Extra bonus is Hasan’s soap smells so nice. I still cannot believe but this is my first shampoo bar that does not require vinegar rinse at all and guarantees the soft and shiny hair texture when hair dry.

    Thank you very much Hasan. I no longer need to scar of the vinegar irritation pain on my shower time.

  75. Marie Barclay

    I have been using the Shampoo and Conditioner soap for a long time now and it can stop the Psoriasis from getting infected. Absolutely Fantastic product 😍😍

  76. m stapleton

    I have been using the classic Aleppo soap from Syria and was so pleased to see when I moved to NZ that I could buy a local version. I really love a very simple blend with no added fragrances or colours, just the traditional olive oil, laurel and lye. I’m so happy to support a wonderful local family

  77. Nastassja S.

    Love this product! Smells so good and it’s really gentle on my skin, safe to use every where on my body top to bottom! Lol will order again ❤️❤️❤️

  78. Marie Barclay

    I love this Soap, shampoo & Conditioner. I use it all the time on my scalp and it helps the Psoriasis.

  79. Marie Barclay

    As always Hasan delivers a superior product. It is on my always list

  80. Lucy

    Beautiful product, creates a rich lather. I love the natural smell, and the bar was much bigger than I thought it would be.

  81. Daryl Frost

    Past experience shows it to be a great product

  82. Marie Barclay

    Always Awesome! Love your fabulous products

  83. Tony

    If you want to get rid of all the chemicals that you put on your hair, skin and body, this shampoo soap from Hasan is the answer. It’s been close to a year since I’m using it and I’m IMPRESSED with the quality and performance of this shampoo bar. Hair and the scalp are looking healthy now any my scalp eczema is gone completely. All the natural and essential oil are a good aid for keeping your hair healthy and clean.

  84. Margaret

    Thanks for your quick delivery. I love your hair shampoo

  85. Raewyn H.

  86. Vanessa Baxter

    Haven’t used this yet – but it smells delicious and is sitting in it’s pretty hesion bag waiting for it’s time to shine.

  87. Kim Chester

    Our daughter purchased Hasan Classis Aleppo Soap for shampoo and whilst she loved it she passed it onto me without realizing it was also for body. I forgot about it wrapped away deep in a bathroom draw (she went off to Uni) but I rediscovered, tried and absolutely love it. I am 62, have bilateral varicose veins and varicose eczema on one of my shins with some slight ulceration appearing. I am on the vascular Public Hospital waiting list. I began using in Aug 2021 and within 3 weeks of using this soap my leg has healed and the redness has vastly improved. I am sleeping much better due to my leg not itching/ stinging anymore. My leg had been like this for 3 years and all medication my Doctor’s prescribed did nothing to help. I am so grateful that we found you and are already planning my next order! Our daughter’s name is Elina and you can see her post on 7/5/19 with 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  88. Marie Barclay

    Always fantastic 👏 I use this one because I have Psoriasis in my scalp and it really helps it. 😀

  89. Jay

    I’ve been pursuing a simple life and this soap is perfect for that. I am so glad that I no longer need to buy shampoo, conditioner and body wash seperately. Smell is good and also I feel my skin is less dry.

  90. Inger-Lisa

    I am so happy with this shampoo soap. It is the first time I have tried shampoo soap and it is my new favourite. My hair feels amazing and my dandruff has vanished. Quick delivery and beautifully packaged as well.

  91. Shaun

    Amazing service, amazing product. Looking forward to my next order. Will try aged Aleppo Soap next!

  92. Anna

    Overall, This classic Aleppo soap is easy to use. It is created a lot of foam which is great for my hair. clean and no itchy scalp. use as a body cleanser is as good as a shampoo. without fragrance is the best for a bar to use on skin.

  93. Clive Gower-Collins

    I first bought shampoo soap from Hasan at the Clevedon market as he suggested it would deal with my scalp ‘itchies’ and general skin irritation. He was correct. Importantly, it did it without using harsh chemicals like are in some anti-dandruff shampoos. I know this because when I used those and cycled later in the day, my sweat would burn and redden my eyes. Something that hasn’t happened when I’ve used Hasan’s shampoo soap. His shampoo soap fixed my scalp/skin problem, without giving me an eye problem in turn!

    When we got locked down I ran out. It took only a week before my itchy problems returned again. I ordered more from Hasan online and received it (Auckland) the next day – and by the way, a few companies could learn from Hasan about how to package properly for courier delivery. After two days back on the shampoo soap my scalp issues were gone again, and my tendency to get dry scratchy shoulders from showering also went away. Once, could be a fluke, twice was proof for me. I just ordered 10 bars so I have a stock!

    For anyone concerned about what is in modern hair products (and you should be) these soaps are a return to a time when things were made by people who were invested in them, often whose families have made such things for generations. The soaps I’ve used from Hasan have lathered well, cleaned thoroughly, and then let me forget all about them until the next time I use them – rather than be unconsciously scratching and rubbing my scalp, neck and shoulders all day (and being told off by my Mrs for doing so).
    I’ve found my answer. I’m not going to be changing back to the industrially-made soaps again.

  94. Phelan Pirrie

  95. Bev D.

    my fave product for my curls its amazing

  96. Grace

    One of my favorite soap

  97. Diego

    I loved it! I have tried Aleppo Soaps that I bought in Europe from the market, and these are amazing as well!

  98. Claire

  99. Sandra Leonard

    Always love this soap.

  100. M M A.

    Great quality, been buying for three years already. The soap lasts for a long time.

  101. Veronica Norton

    I bought this shampoo bar a couple of weeks ago and at the beginning my family was very skeptical but once they tried it they loved it. It leaves your hair so soft and shiny it’s amazing. My daughter’s hair (9) is so easy to untangle now. She’s happy she doesn’t have to put conditioner anymore. My husband also noticed a different is his hair. We definitely will get more later.

  102. Hamish J.

  103. Neda

    I always come back and re-order the classic

  104. Ayano

    Using this as my body soap and makeup remover

  105. Archana Kurup

    We have been using these soaps for a long time now. Very happy with all the soaps we have tried. Great service always. Highly recommend!

  106. Marie Barclay

    I use this Shampoo and Conditioner bar, it especially works well on my scalp with Psoriasis. Awesome Products 👌

  107. Ayano

    Great as a makeup remover too!

  108. Marie Barclay

    Beautiful Bars, pure Quality

  109. Andrea

    Smells great, a gift for a friend

  110. Marina B.

    Best soap that I used

  111. Rae Heta

  112. Judy H.

    Very pleased with the service.

  113. Malcolm

    This is my go to shampoo product, it is the best I have found so far. The service from Hasan is first rate and I have never been disappointed with either the product or service.

  114. Ahmed Alanazi

    Naturally amazing

  115. richard robinson

    Great service. Very fast delivery. Excellent soap will happily buy again.

  116. Marie Barclay

    I am never disappointed in hasan soaps, they always give you wonderful service and products..

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