Charcoff Body Soap again in stock, rich in beautiful scents with awesome natural ingredients. 100% natural, plant-based made to you from a blend of premium herbs infused oils including olive, coconut, avocado, pomegranate and moringa oil, activated charcoal , Arabian coffee beans with blend of essential oils.

Exfoliating, moisturizing, soothing, rich in vitamins including B3, minerals, omega 5 fatty acids, antioxidants, anti-aging, natural antiseptic with anti fungal, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, may help reduce the appearance of cellulite on the skin, could help combat problems from harmful bacteria. and much more.

Available in one standard size (up to 120g +- ). Please note: weight/shape may vary because it’s an artisan/hand-cut product, in some cases your order may be combined with more than one bar. The outcome of such natural benefits may vary from one person to another,  it’s a natural product with no chemicals and no preservatives. All Hasan’s bars are traditionally made, long-lasting, and comes to you in a unique formula to offer you amazing natural benefits.

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8 reviews for Charcoff Body Soap

  1. Bev Danyali

    I recently tried a new soap from HasanAleppo soaps, it’s an exfoliating and cleansing product! I am a skin therapist so know a bit about which ingredients are good for the skin, this soap is full of great skin beneficial oils that soften and moisturise the skin while it is being cleansed.It also has coffee grounds and charcoal particles which exfoliate the skin ,this is great on the body, but I would not recommend using it on female faces, as women’s skin is finer than men’s skin, or a sensitive skin, as the exfoliating element could cause micro scratches to the skin surface, but on a mans face, which is more resilient it would be fine.

    After I used this on my body my skin felt really soft and smooth and I did not need to use a body lotion afterwards,it even softened the hard skin on my feet, wow! I love it!

  2. Anonymous

    We love this soap so much, smells amazing and lasts such a long time. Beautifully packaged.

  3. Sarah

  4. Anonymous

    Smells amazing and the coffee beans are super exfoliating. Delivery came so quickly, thanks again.

  5. Bellina C.

    Im really enjoying this soap, skin already feels softer 🙂

  6. Vanessa Baxter

    This is a wonderful body soap for the shower – I love texture of the soap and the experience of using it. No more boring soap for me after using such a wonderful product

  7. Grace

    Love it ..

  8. Mahmood Ali

    The coffee on the soap is something different I never tried before but once I got used to it I loved the soap. Such a great smell with a smooth and clear skin result.

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