Introducing our classic signature Black Aleppo Soap Shampoo Bar, a luxurious and premium-grade shampoo and conditioner 2-in-1 that doubles as an effective body wash. Suitable for all hair and skin types, including oily hair and skin, this bar is lovingly handcrafted with 100% natural and plant-based ingredients. It features a herbal infusion of extra virgin olive oil, laurel oil, and activated charcoal, ensuring a chemical-free, preservative-free, alcohol-free, and irritant-free experience. Our bars are available in two sizes: Large (approximately 140g) and XL (approximately 200g).

This bar offers numerous benefits for maintaining healthy, clean hair and scalp. For those with an oily scalp and dandruff, the absorptive properties of activated charcoal effectively remove excess oil and eliminate dandruff. It stimulates hair growth by cleansing impurities, removing sebum, and deeply cleaning pores to allow your hair to breathe. Additionally, it unclogs scalp pores, detoxifying hair follicles and promoting better hair growth. Simply rub the soap onto your scalp, lather, rinse, and repeat as needed.

Beyond hair care, our Black Aleppo Soap Shampoo Bar is a superb skin care product. It’s gentle, hydrating, moisturizing, and soothing, packed with antioxidants and rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, niacin, folacin, A, C, E, and F. As an excellent exfoliant, it removes dead skin cells and dirt, effectively treating conditions like psoriasis and eczema, and is beneficial for dry, cracked skin. In some cases, it may even prevent these conditions from recurring.

Please note that as an artisan, hand-cut product, the weight and color of the bars may vary. In some orders, multiple bars may be combined. While individual results may vary, as this is not a medicine but a natural product, the benefits are significant and varied.

Hasan’s bars are traditionally made and long-lasting, featuring a unique formula that offers amazing natural benefits. All Hasan products are free from EDTA, parabens, triclosan, dioxane, and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, ensuring a pure and natural hair and skin care experience.

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18 reviews for Black Aleppo Soap

  1. Chelsey

    Great company, really quick delivery and free upgrade too!

  2. Leila

  3. Phil Ryan

  4. Cristina Cannon

    Another fantastic soap from Hassan’s collection.

  5. Anonymous

    Extremely fast service and very well presented. The bar was double wrapped and well protected. Very happy with the results after two weeks use, hair is light and clean, making it very easy to style!

  6. Anne N.

    Haven’t used it yet. But the service was speedy.

  7. Roland Millet

    Have tried a selection and loved it so I reordered a larger selection this time.
    No more shampoo or shower gel for me, these soaps are marvelous. Skin feels soft and dry, skin is gone. hair is silky and stronger ans smells nice, no fake sent.
    I am a convert and will stick with Aleppo soaps.

  8. Aleksandra

    I love all soaps from Hasan Aleppo Soaps! The Black one is one of my favourites — for great smell and being gentle on the skin.

  9. Hakirirangi Kingi

    I loved the way my skin felt after the 1st use.
    I will be ordering more products for My Daughter and I.
    God Bless You.

  10. Tom J.

    Wonderful product! Hasan Aleppo products are of a very high quality, and their customer service is excellent. I’d highly recommend this company.

  11. Thomas P.

    Definitely clean dandruff and cleanse the oily skin. My wife loves it.

  12. Ryan

    Never disappoints from Aleppo

  13. Anonymous

  14. Diego

    ¨We all love the different soaps and shampoos that we have been buying over time. We have tried a broad range of them, and none of them have been average. Since we tried them for first time, we cannot buy other soaps and shampoos¨

  15. Anonymous

    Amazing soap. Makes the hair soft and manageable and soothes the sensitive scalp

  16. Ingrid Iperen

    Always great this kind of soap for the hard stuff.

  17. Zishan K.

    Leaving this on for 5 minutes while showering has really helped with my crazy dandruff. Thank You Hasan!

  18. Anonymous

    Leaves skin feeling refreshed.

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