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Elevate your bathing ritual with our Amber-Oud Liquid Shampoo, where luxury meets hair care excellence. Oud (Agarwood), one of the most prized and opulent natural commodities, infuses this shampoo with an enduring scent that lingers on your skin and hair. After gaining acclaim in the local market, this exquisite product is now available for online orders.

Our 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is suitable for all hair types, including curly and fine hair. Crafted with the highest quality ingredients, it not only moisturizes but also helps maintain healthy, silky hair. The formula is designed to reactivate your hair’s natural growth cycle, strengthen strands from within, stimulate hair follicles, and reduce hair loss. All while providing shine and an enchanting scent, ensuring delightful bath moments.

The shampoo is formulated with botanical, plant-based ingredients such as Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Argan oil, Castor oil, Organic unrefined shea butter, cold-pressed Hazelnut oil, and Vitamin E oil. These ingredients work in harmony to nourish and rejuvenate your hair, promoting scalp health and hair vitality. They provide antioxidants, aid in hydration, and offer protection against environmental damage.

Free from parabens, SLS, sulfates, and chemicals, this shampoo is a commitment to both luxury and natural hair care. Available in 250ml, 500ml, or 1000ml recyclable bottles, it’s not just a product but a premium hair care experience, bringing the opulence of Amber-Oud directly to your shower.

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  1. Nastassja Salt

    This product smells amazing and my hair feels so soft. The smell of the product brought back nostalgic memories of my grandmother who loved everything about the middle eastern culture and the perfume they would make and use. It’s been a week now and the perfume smell still lingers in my hair. You just know its top quality product. Thank you !

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