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Amber-Charcoal 2in1 shampoo and conditioner, also for body wash. Suitable for oily scalp and skin. A warm, woody, rich, and aromatic smell. 100% plant-based and preservative-free. Made for you from a blend of goodies including extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, charcoal, grape extract, and amber oil. 

 This bar has a lot of natural benefits due to its natural ingredients. It promotes a healthy scalp and moisturizes existing hair follicles to prevent and treat hair loss, moisturizes skin, improves hair quality, and is rich in nutrients and vitamins, with anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties.

 This bar is available in a standard large size 140g+. Please note: weight may vary because it’s hand-cut, in some cases your order may be combined with more than one bar. The outcome of such natural benefits may vary from one person to another, this is not a medicine, it’s a natural product. All Hasan’s bars are traditionally made, long-lasting, and comes to you in a unique formula to offer you amazing natural benefits.

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4 reviews for Amber-Charcoal

  1. Nicolle

    Not too strong a scent, is lovely

  2. Martina

    Very nice, leaves my hair clean.

  3. Ryan

  4. Cristina Cannon

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