This soap is a Shampoo & conditioner bar 2in1 aged over 20 months.

This is a special classic edition from extra virgin olive oil and laurel bar. All aged bars last 20% to 30% longer than the other bars, and the deep classic aroma is divine. These bars are made with plant-based natural ingredients. The weight of the bar is about 200g+-. Please note the bars are hand-cut and may have different shapes, it comes from different patches so the bars may not look identical.

34 reviews for Aged

  1. Jade

    Smells great, cleans and lathers well

  2. Anonymous

    A beautiful product and excellent service thank you.

  3. Michael Gasson

    Great soap that lasts!!

  4. Katja

    First time user and I love it.

  5. David D.

    Arrived the next day; each nicely wrapped. Love these products – nice to use natural products in this age of so many chemicals. Makes me look 10 years younger!

  6. Michael G.

    Great soap, lasts well

  7. Allyson M.

  8. Sinaa

    Great traditional soap, the fragrance, and how it leaves the hair and the skin clean and nourished.. very well made

  9. Rebecca

    It’s our first time using your aged soap and my husband and I love it!! My husband says he feels so clean and his skin is amazingly soft and not dry. We love the scent and it’s a great size soap! We would 100% recommended this soap! Thanks so much Hasan for sharing your family traditional soap with us 😊 we truly don’t want to use any other product! That’s how much we trust your products and that you don’t take shortcuts!! Bless you and blessing all that use your products!!

  10. Kerry

    Love this soap! It has a pleasant “soapy” smell, does a good job and lasts for ages. It leaves skin clean and soft. We cut this large sized block in half and keep it in a Block Dock to keep it dry between uses. A bonus is the super quick delivery!

  11. Annie Stanley

    I watched a video of this being made and was fascinated and interested. I found that it was being made in New Zealand and I ordered some. They kindly cut this large bar in half for me. I love the soap it’s all that it claims to be, my skin feels amazing and I will be reordering. Thank you, beautiful products.

  12. Helen E.

    Very good communication after I posted an inquiry and prompt delivery. Also very happy with the product. Can definitely recommend!

  13. Allyson

    I use this soap on my hair and body. Leaves my hair super soft. No need for conditioner. I have sensitive skin and Hasan’s soap is so gentle.

  14. Daryl Cogger

  15. Kerry

    Love this soap! Clean smelling and long-lasting.

  16. Trisha

  17. Emma

    Hands down the best soap I’ve ever used, and after two weeks my eczema cleared up.

  18. Daryl Frost

    Seems to be a very nice product

  19. Anonymous


  20. Corin

    Loving the soaps. Usually I bought them on the farmers market, first timer ordering them online and the shipping and service was super fast forward. I can highly recommend it to anyone

  21. Ema P.

    A beautiful product, smells delicious and the bonus is – no plastic waste! Love it.

  22. Vanessa Baxter

    This lathered up in seconds and my hair felt so clean and was super shiny for several days. I am in love with this product already and love that it is in block form – meaning no more ugly plastic bottles. And it smells gorgeous too

  23. Phelan Pirrie

  24. Natalie Lim

    Great product. Neutral and natural scent, lathers well and I feel squeaky clean!

  25. Giovanni

  26. Dave

    Have bought this product a number of times now – very good

  27. Marina

  28. Andrea

    I love this soap, it doesn’t dry out my skin and it’s really soothing, no flare up of eczema since using this!

  29. Michael G.

    Soap is fantastic as always, service is great and delivery was pretty quick.

  30. Dave

    One of my favourites, as it lasts well and great for the hair as well as the body

  31. Marie Barclay

    As always my Hasan shampoo and Conditioner bar is Fantastic. It really helps my Psoriasis on my scalp. 😀

  32. Anonymous

  33. Michael G.

    Always awesome

  34. Ema P.

    Worth every cent, especially if you suffer from eczema and struggle to find products that don’t irritate your skin. So nice to have a soap that is gentle on sensitive skin but still has a wonderful scent.

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